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Hugh Osborne - Integral Life CoachingAt the heart of my coaching is the insight that each of us has a unique gift and purpose in life. The thing is, most of us are not living in alignment with this innate truth. When we are not living our true calling we often resort to compensating behaviours that, whilst feeling good at the time, ultimately estrange us further from what we really long for.

In a deep and powerful coaching conversation, the space is created for your essential reason for being here to come alive. The unique gift that you are here to give and the purpose you are here to live are revealed in the conversation. Once revealed, coaching then becomes about the creative process of bringing your insights to life.

I coach from that place of inner knowing that is present here and now in each and every one of us. That inner knowing is what I speak to in my clients so that they awaken to it for themselves. Our inner knowing is trustable. Our inner knowing is our internal compass that keeps us aligned with our true destiny.

My coaching offers a created space in which you can be truly seen and see clearly. From this place of clear seeing, it is possible to make personal internal commitments that guide our choices and actions in daily life. This is the end of conditioned existence and the beginning of reclaiming the human spirit. In this, all of the familiar challenges around work, relationship, sex, money, and purpose, may continue to arise, but are much easier to navigate when experienced from a place of clarity.

Coaching is an invitation to live as your authentic self. In following this invitation you find more courage and strength than you ever thought you had. A capacity to be more alive than ever before. A deep knowing that your life is aligned with true purpose. An unshakable belief in who you are and what you stand for. You will create your own path and achive your own amazing goals. You will be a leader in your own life.

Coaching with me is not for everyone, but if you have read this far and are not put off then it may be for you. Contact me to find out more.


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